General Information

General Information

Degrees, diplomas and certificates will be conferred officially at the appropriate Convocation ceremony following successful completion of the program requirements and an application to graduate if required, or will be available for pickup by the graduate 3 business days subsequent to the ceremony.

Degrees, diplomas and certificates are retained in The Office of the Registrar for two years after Convocation.

Degrees, diplomas and certificates normally will not be awarded in advance of Convocation ceremonies. A degree, diploma, or certificate may be released early at the discretion of the Office of the Registrar if the student demonstrates that the document is required by an employer or for a work visa. Students presenting an official offer of employment or the request for visa documentation may, by application and payment of the appropriate fee to the Office of the Registrar, request release of their document no sooner than four weeks prior to their scheduled Convocation. The document released will bear the date of the appropriate scheduled Convocation ceremony.

All other students who require notice of confirmation that their program has been completed (in addition to an official transcript) may apply to the Office of the Registrar with a request for a letter attesting to the fact that they have completed the requirements of their program.

For more information, please visit the Office of the Registrar website.