Arrival and Assembly

For all Assemblies

All graduates must report to their line up location no later than the following times on the day of their Convocation:

Morning Ceremonies:   8:45 am
Afternoon Ceremonies:  1:45 pm

Personal belongings must be left with an attendant in the line up location and picked up directly after the Convocation ceremony. Graduates may wish to leave belongings (such as purses, umbrellas, etc.) with relatives before entering their line up location.

General Information

Candidates for doctoral degrees cross the platform individually. Candidates for other degrees will cross the platform in threes. Candidates for Diplomas and Certificates will cross the platform individually, but will not kneel or be hooded; instead they will exchange a handshake with the Chancellor. These candidates may wear a previously earned academic hood.

Candidates who receive more than one degree:

If two degrees are awarded at the same convocation ceremony, the student may cross the stage only once, and must make a choice as to which degree grouping he/she will join for the procession. Both diplomas will be given to the graduate off stage.

If two degrees are awarded at different convocation ceremonies, the student may cross the stage in one or both ceremonies. Both diplomas will be given to the graduate at the first of the ceremonies in which he/she participates.

Please note that Western encourages all students to celebrate their Convocation day with friends and family however, only those individuals eligible to graduate are permitted to cross the stage.