Guest/Parent Checklist

Guest/Parent Checklist


Checkmark Guests, please bring this checklist with you to the ceremony, along with your tickets.

Double-check the date on your ticket(s) for Convocation.

Also, please ensure that each ticket has a unique numbered barcode. Tickets are only good for one scan at the door.

Checkmark If needed, make accessibility arrangements PRIOR to the date of convocation. See Accessibility Services for more information.



Arrive at Western. Do you have your tickets? Please ensure you leave a ticket with the driver of your car if they are going to drop off guests and then meet inside the auditorium. Each person MUST have their own individual ticket to get into the main auditorium.

Tickets are only good for ONE scan. Once they are scanned, they are no longer valid and cannot be used again for admittance to the main hall.

Non-ticket holders will be asked to wait in a separate area until all ticket holders have been let into the main auditorium.


Parking: Guests should park at the South Valley Parking Lot (see map here) and follow the path up the stairs to Alumni Hall. Parking will be free of charge on a first-come first-served basis. Shuttle service will be provided between Alumni Hall and the South Valley Parking Lot at no charge starting at 7:30AM. Accessible parking is available in the Alumni Hall parking lot.

Note: Shuttle drivers have been instructed not to install car seats and request that the parents install the seats themselves. Shuttle drivers have also been instructed to ensure all children are placed in individual seats with seat belts and not be allowed to sit on parents’ laps while vehicles are traveling throughout the campus.


Regalia Pickup for Graduates: at the Mustang Lounge, University Community Centre.

Graduates must preorder regalia, but it will be available for rental on the day of graduation.

Doors open daily at 7:30AM.

For afternoon graduates, regalia should be picked up after 10:30 am to allow the morning ceremony graduands to pick up their regalia before graduation.

Regalia Returns: Regalia must be returned to the Mustang Lounge, UCC, by 6:00PM.


Graduating Students must go, with their regalia, to Alumni Hall, Room 15, no later than 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the ceremony.

Guests/Parents must go to Alumni Hall to get into the main auditorium for the Convocation ceremony.

Checkmark Graduates, please leave personal belongings with relatives PRIOR to entering the gym or they must be left with an attendant in Thames Hall during the ceremony.
Checkmark Food and beverages (other than bottled water) are not allowed in the main auditorium.
Checkmark Flowers: Due to allergies, we encourage family and friends not to bring flowers into the main auditorium, but to take them (or have them delivered by a Florist) to Alumni Hall Room 17 (downstairs from the main auditorium). Graduates can then pick them up from there following the Convocation ceremony.
Checkmark Guests - if you have had your ticket scanned and are inside Alumni Hall and wish to leave, PLEASE ensure that you get a red re-admit ticket prior to leaving, otherwise you may be asked to wait in the non-ticket holders line to get back into the ceremony.
Checkmark Etiquette: Celebration should be respectful of other members of the graduating class. Every graduate would like family and friends to hear his or her name called. Please withhold applause until it is invited.
Checkmark Ceremonies are generally 2 hours in length.


Checkmark Please arrange a place outside of Alumni Hall to meet your graduate after the ceremony is finished. The front hall of Alumni is not large enough to hold all 2,000 exiting guests and new graduates. Immediately following the ceremony, the Alumni Association will host a reception for new alumni and their guests.
Checkmark Some suggestions for photo opportunities on campus: The courtyard by the 3M Centre, the front gates by the Western Sign, UC Hill in front of the tower, the Ivey Garden (back of University College), the courtyard by UC (to the North), in front of the McIntosh Gallery.
Checkmark Regalia Returns: Regalia must be returned to the Mustang Lounge, UCC, by 6:00PM.

Congratulations to all our graduates, parents, friends and family. We hope you enjoy your day!